Premium Plugin: Stop Spam

"You have problems with spam bots contaminating your forum? Your users have problems filling out the Anti-Spam-Captchas? Then the Stop-Spam-Plugin is the perfect solution for you."
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After the payment we send you the plugin file to your paypal email address within 24 hours.


An easy to use customizable anti-spam plugin with captcha, honeypot, blocked words in posts and prevents spam registrations. Keeps 99 % of your daily spam away.


  • easy to use anti-spam-solution for all your users
  • reduces posts from spam bots by 99%
  • you can change the anti-spam question to anything you want (we recommend questions not asking for numbers)
  • you can specify two possible answers to be accepted
  • works on all question2answer forms
  • includes honeypot technology
  • define spam words, part of words, domains or parts of URLs and these posts get rejected immediately
  • define languages to be blocked (available: Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Khmer, Hangul)
  • set maximum of allowed links in post
  • remove email addresses from post
  • prevent users with trash emails to register, block all spam emails
  • prevent user with same IP from voting for his own posts and selecting his answers as best
  • do not allow guests without IP address to post in forum
  • list all links in all forum posts to find spam links on a separate page
  • includes option to merge too many line breaks into one and remove empty line breaks from the end of a post
  • includes mentioning notifier, e.g. @admin sends out email
  • available languages: en, fr, de, lt


  1. Buy the plugin and download the ZIP file provided
  2. Make a full backup of your q2a database before installing the plugin.
  3. Extract the folder q2apro-stop-spam from the ZIP file.
  4. Move the folder q2apro-stop-spam to the qa-plugin folder of your Q2A installation.
  5. Use your FTP-Client to upload the folder q2apro-stop-spam into the qa-plugin folder of your server.
  6. Navigate to your site, go to Admin -> Spam and change the captcha module to Stop Spam Captcha, click save!
  7. Click on options next to "Stop Spam Captcha" to change the anti-spam-question and answers, save your changes.
  8. Congratulations, your new anti-spam plugin is installed and ready to protect you.


This code is in use in many q2a forums and has been tested thoroughly. However, please make a full MySQL backup of your data before installing this plugin in production environments. There could be, for instance, another plugin that interferes with this plugin. We cannot accept any claim for compensation if data is lost.


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