Getting Started - Setup your own Question Answer Forum

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What is Question2Answer?

Question2Answer (short 'q2a') is a free forum software, written in PHP, 100 % open-source, secure, performant and very flexible. It can hold millions of users, questions and answers. Developed since 2010, it is in use now by 10 000+ websites all over the world.

How can I setup my own Question2Answer forum?

The setup is simple and takes only a few minutes. Just follow these 10 steps:

Download question2answer
  1. First of all you need a web hosting service with a MySQL database and FTP access. Ask your provider if you are not sure.
  2. Download the latest version of the question2answer software.
  3. Unzip the file to your desktop.
  4. Open the unzipped folder question2answer and rename the file qa-config-example.php to qa-config.php
  5. Edit the file qa-config.php using a text editor like Notepad++.
  7. If you want the forum directly in your domain Open the folder question2answer and upload its content to your webserver using an FTP client like FileZilla.
  8. If you want the forum in a subfolder of your domain Rename the folder question2answer to forum and upload it to your webserver.
  9. Open your browser and enter the web address you have chosen before, either or
  10. Setup admin login name and password, and you are done! Your forum is ready for action!

How can I make my forum outstanding?

To make your forum more appealing you have different opportunities:

  • change the graphical appearance by installing another theme for your forum
  • add great features to your forum by installing professional q2a plugins
  • ask professional Question2Answer developers to create custom features (plugins) or interfaces (themes) for you
  • find great people that help to build unique content by posting questions and answers in your forum
  • try to make your forum popular by mouth-to-mouth, online advertising or other marketing techniques
  • make everybody feel welcome, create a personal or business atmosphere by design and by content