Most popular premium plugins:

question2answer plugin stop spam
24 USD

An easy to use customizable captcha with a honeypot that keeps 99 % of the daily spam away. Never use reCaptcha again.

question2answer plugin best users pro
29 USD

Based on the q2a point system, user scores get saved per month/year and rewards can be granted to your winners. Highly motivating.

question2answer plugin sceditor
24 USD

The SCEditor plugin sets a new standard for WYSIWYG editors. It works with all mobiles, is lightweight, fast, beautiful, customizable.

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Best free plugins:

question2answer plugin on-site-notifications
Free Plugin

Facebook-like / Stackoverflow-like notifications on your question2answer forum that can replace all email-notifications.

question2answer free plugin - most active users
Free Plugin

The plugin counts every question, answer and comment as +1 activity point for each user. Let your users know who of them is most active!

question2answer free plugin - recent events widget
Free Plugin

The Recent Events Widet shows the latest activity in your forum. Very handy and keeps your forum fresh and attractive!